Friday, February 5, 2010

June 2010

Short term mission opportunities available in June 2010. Destination - The philippines. The teams will get exposure to both urban missions as well as rural missions.

Antipolo, Rizal - Working with the Childrens Garden, an outreach ministry to street kids in the Manila area.

In Antipolo City, these street children are found in busy intersections, market place, fast food chains and jeepney terminals. Some would be seen around Antipolo Cathedral church engaging in various activities such as begging, picking pockets, car washing, car watching, scavenging, selling cigarettes, news papers, flowers, even sexual favors. Most of them come from large families where their parents have no regular job and sufficient education.
Most of these young people leave their homes due to poverty, family problems or an adventurous spirit which leads them to street activities with their friends. They are eventually led to perform acts of prostitution for their source of income. Allegedly, some corrupt policemen would act as their pimps. Aside from prostitution they may also be involved in thievery, and substance use making them future criminals in the society.

The Children’s Garden of the Philippines, Inc. (CGPI) believes in the Biblical passage in Luke 18:16: “Jesus called the children to him and said, ‘Let the little children come to me. Do not hinder them for the kingdom of God belongs to such these.’” Realizing the value that Jesus gives to the children, this organization places much emphasis in ensuring a brighter future for them through a holistic development program. This organization is a non-government, non-stock, non-profit that was established to assist street children and their families based on how Christ moved in their live and enabled them to become spiritually strong. Through spiritual recovery, the children become more economically productive and socially adjusted member of the society. The CGPI represents sincere efforts to show an underprivileged group that God, in His mercy and love, provides alternative way of life that is satisfying and hopeful despite the existence of adversaries and uncertainties.

Here is a intro to the Childrens Garden....but its in Tagalog.

Here is a video that another short term missions team shot while ministering at the Childrens Garden.

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